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Plants Fossil Discovered - Land Plants of 200 Million Years Ago

Yes, Plant Fossil Discovered!

The new archeological site in St George, Utah, U.S. has recently been brought to notice by Jim Kirkland, the State Paleontologist, another paleontologist, Andrew Milner and a paleo-botanist Sidney Ash. This archeologal site in St George, wasn't so famous until Andrew and Sidney highlighted the site and brought to the attention of the general mass in 2008, although the first scientific studies at the site was carried out in 2006. Why has this archeological site in Utah become so famous? Well, the site is actually more important to the researchers than it is famous to the general mass. Interestingly, this is the only early Jurassic land flora site ever known in the western United States.

fossils discovered, discovery news, fossil plants fossil discovered, discoveries, news results for fossils, fossil news, discovery of fossilThe St George archeological site in Utah provides traces of plants fossil of a variety of land plants that had been in existence at this location around 200 million years ago.

Courtesy: Image courtesy of St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site The St George acrcheological site provides tons of evidences of the variety of land plants that were present in that region about 200 million years ago.

Spanning shortly back to 2006, this St George site in Utah was being excavated for the purpose of an industrial Park, when a developer fortunately discovered a plant fossil. Never until then it had been given so much importance as an archeological site. Good news is that, the developers and the researchers have joined hand to work together on a project of preservation of the fossils. This is one site in the entire western United States that promises million dollar information for the archaeologists. "This plant site is extremely important to help us examine further the vegetation recovery of plant life during the mass extinction at the end of the Triassic epoch," said Jim Kirkland, Utah State Paleontologist. Staff from the City of St. George and the State of Utah have teamed up with developers the Wadman Corporation, Bob Anderson and Kastle Rock Excavation and have started working to find out more evidence of puzzling plant fossils. Such findings help the researchers to make study of the environment of those times.

The excavation has been marked to be one of the major excavations occurred all across the globe so far, because this has put forth certain valid evidences of a mass extinction that had happened during late Triassic, where many organisms went completely extinct. The dinosaurs consequently became the most dominating land animals on the planet! Tracks of dinosaur have been discovered in the same area, at Johnson Farm, in February 2000.


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