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Antarctica Mistery - Strange Fossil Forests Discovered

(Image credit: Erik Gulbranson) A fossilized Glossopteris tree in the Transantarctic Mountains grew there some 280 million years ago, before being covered with volcanic ash and turned to stone. This is now an extinct species that used to dominate the landscape of South Pole once. During that time the Earth's climate was much warmer. " Trees in Antarctica " - sounds weird... right? Quite surprisingly, researchers have indicated lush green forests in the Antarctica! Earlier 2018 scientists have discovered fossil forests on the Earth's southern-most continent - Antarctica. The discovery of 280-million-year-old tree stump still attached to its roots in Antarctica suggests that the continent wasn't a desert of ice as this is known today. The land was green, as trees used to grow near the south pole when Antarctica was a part of southern hemisphere landmass called Gondwana.   The newly discovered fossils of some of those trees that grew there, indicates

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