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Revolutionary Invention: Linux-powered Pen Prevents You to Make Spelling Errors

Lernshift - A Pen That Corrects Your Spelling Mistakes...

Inventors from Germany have invented a pen prevents you from making spelling mistakes. Lernstift is seemingly a normal pen with regular ink, but the first even of its kind in the world because it can vibrate when you make a spelling mistake or senses the sloppy, unreadable handwriting. 

Lernshift has a built-in special motion sensor and a small battery-powered Linux computer with a Wi-Fi chip that is smart enough to detect spelling mistakes by recognizing the specific movement patterns while you write. It also recognizes the shapes of the letters and has a genuinely smart collection of words in its built-in dictionary. The vibrator starts vibrating as soon as it senses mal-formed letters and unreadable handwriting that may generate legibility issues.

Writers can choose between two options: Calligraphy Mode and Orthography Mode.
  • Calligraphy Mode - points out the flaws of form of letters and legibility
  • Orthography Mode - recognizes words and comparing each word to a language database - built-in dictionary.