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Ancient Egyptian Formula For Toothpaste Discovered

Just discovered a document about the ancient Egyptian formula for toothpaste. There's no proof as to how far this information is true, but documentation have recorded that there wasn't much awareness for dental health during the ancient civilization, although some people used to use tooth paste in order to keep their teeth healthy. World's oldest known toothpaste was used around more than 1650 years ago. This record was discovered in the basement of Viennese museum in a piece of shabby, almost ruined papyrus paper. Colgate launched its first toothpaste in the year 1873, while the world's first toothpaste formula was discovered to have existed over 1500 years before Colgate's first toothpaste.

It is said that some ancient Egyptian writer (during 4th century AD) had documented in the Arabic dialect with faded black ink that was probably prepared by the soot and gum mixed with water that the ancient Egyptian toothpaste used to be kind of powder which people used for white and healthy teeth. The powder when mixed with the saliva used to turn into paste like substance - tasted pungent. According to the record the toothpaste was prepared quite scientifically, where the ingredients were as follows: 

  • 1 drachma of rock salt 
  • 2 drachmas of mint 
  • 1 drachma of dried Iris flowers
  • 20 grains of pepper 

All these ingredients used to be crushed and form a powder like substance that was thought to be healthy for teeth and also used as teeth whitening.

Please note: 1 drachma = 1/100 ounce