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Amazing Discovery - Four-eared Dog Discovered in China

A Four-eared small Dog has been discovered in China, a land that is blessed with waves of unusuals.

The news of this amazing discovery o the four-eared small Dog has created a buzz across the world wide web, thereafter sparking debates all around the Internet. While some consider it as matted fur built up, some are taking it as tangled coat made by the owner. Many other obviously have used their scientific brains, saying if we can have 6 fingers, it is also possible to have animals with extra organs, which can make a pooch like Shun Shun a dog of news.

The owner, Peng Qiang, from Wulumuqi, Xinjiang province, said the dog was taken from one of his friends, around a year ago. Peng explained: "Originally we didn't spot any difference until six months ago when he started to grow another pair of ears behind the original ears."

Pang says that his family did not spare any attention on this during her early age, but with the passage of time the extra pair of ears started growing longer right behind the original ones. The extra ears are around 10cm in length.

Shun Shun s a beloved member of the family. His favorite foods are tomatoes and watermelon.