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Why do you Burp or Belch?

Why do you Burp or Belch?

After you have drunk water or ate your foods, you normally burp out air? So tell me children, where does this burp come from?

A burp, also called belch is a volume of gas that comes out of your stomach. When you eat or drink, you usually engulf some air along with it. The air that we swallow with our food and drink, contains different gases, which need to get out, and they get out in the form of burp or belch. The extra gas that goes in along with your food and drink is forced out your stomach, passing out throuch esophagus and finally through your mouth in the form of belch or burp.

Now why do you feel to burp more when you drink corbonated drinks or soda?

Guess why!

Well, the reason behind the fact that you feel to burp more frequently and in big volume when you drink corbonated drinks or soda is quite simple. It's because these drinks contains extra carbon dioxide gas. When you drinnk these beverages you swallow the extra gas in them in more volume. Consequently the extra carbon dioxide needs to get out more frequently, as the volume of gas intaken is more.

Burping is not a thing to worry about until it happens once in a while. Burping is quite normal and good in kids and adults as it means that the move out the the extra gas from your stomach. So there's nothing wrong in burping; even the president of your country burp after drinking and eating. It is not wise to force your burp stay in; it will cause considerable agitation and discomfort, which may be harmful. Always burp out the extra gas that needs to come out. But when you are around people and you feel a burp coming on, try to do it quietly, covering your mouth. This is nothing but maintaining your decency when you are around people.