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Bach FLower Therapy Opens Up a New Chapter in Medical Science

With the advent of Bach FLower therapy, there was a big revolution in the medical world! The Bach Flower therapy (pronounced as 'Batch' ) is one of the most innovative healing modality, which was discovered by a british allopathic Dr. Edward Bach (Pronounced as Batch) - (1886 - 1936) M.B., B.S., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., D.P.H. (Camb.). The discovery was maed around 1930 to
1936. Bach's approach was really quite unique, because that wasn't intended to treat or dignose and cure diseases based on the modern medical techniques. It was rather a very simple system of eliminating the negetive behaviors by considering the patients' personality traits, nature and attitude towards life. Such considerations are made irrespective of your diseases or medical conditions. According to Dr. Bach, the reigning behavioral negativities such as guilty feeling, frustration, and/or jealousy that get accumulated in human mind over a certain span of time are the negetive emotions that make us "emotionally imbalanced", are root cause of all human ailments, as they alters the biochemistry of the patients.

According to Bach Flower Therapy, often any medical condition result from the emotional imbalance emerging directly from the mind or from socio-economic stress. As per Dr. Bach, as soon as your mental condition improves, the psychological trouble gets mitigated and the physical trouble disappears along side. This implies that the patients' nature, their attitude towards life and inimitable surrounding circumstances have vital roles to play in breeding diseases. During the course of his work he as a general phycian he realized that the value of a priceless dictum that said: "There are no diseases or ill-health conditions but only sick (emotionally imbalanced) People!" While treating his patients, the doctor used to study their emotional configuration and their personal traits. He studied many individual personalities and analysed their psychological make-up and carried out a series of scientific tests. he found a co-relation of those negative emotions with the intestinal flora (fluid) or bacterial bowel lining of that particular patient. Dr. Bach noticed that two patients, who are same in age, height and weight, with same background and proficient in same field often react in different way under a same situation. The reason is simple! They have entirely different approaches towards life. Their mind is triggered with their own emotions which different from each other. While prescribing certain dosage of antibiotics to such patients for the same ailment, Dr. Bach observed that the rate of recovery also vary. The inherent nature and the approach towards life cast a great impact in recovery too! The doctor concluded that the nature of a person and the mental configuration plays te most vital role in the process of healing, which is why, according to him consideration those factors are of prime importance while determining the line of treatment.