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Tid bits of Comfort Science - Easy Chair

The question was “why is an easy chair more comfortable?” I remember, I came across this interesting article years ago in Know How, The Telegraph. I don’t exactly remember the date.

Whether you feel comfortable in an easy chair or not depends entirely on how much part of your body’s total area is in contact with the chair. If you are sitting on a stool or just an ordinary chair (well, let’s name it non-easy chair), it’s only your hip region that is in contact with chair. Naturally the entire weight of the body is laid on a small area. Therefore the pressure per unit area of the body on the seat is high, which makes him feel uncomfortable.

Now let’s assume that you are sitting – rather lying on an easy chair. Almost entire body is in contact with the chair this time. The total body weight is getting shared uniformly… distributed through out the entire chair. Therefore the pressure per unit area of the body is at its minimum, because it is getting distributed uniformly.

It is said that the first original easy chair was made for comfort in the 18th century. It was a unique blend of science and comfort. And since then, the comfort science has been studied seriously. The modern easy chairs are designed for specific use. Starting from the comfort chairs for book lovers to those for music listeners the design and style have been on a constant change.