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A New Discovery that Revolutionized the Marine Researchers - The Epaulette Walking Shark

After the two expeditions to the "Bird's Head Seascape" led by the Conservation International (CI) in 2006, the Marine world have unfolded a set of amazing facts that were hidden so far in dreary world of obscurity.

Well this is an old story for the people related to the marine world and smaller or bigger aquarists across the globe. I'm sure, millions around me are still in desperate love of multi-colored marine creatures, but haven't yet heard of the epaulette Walking Shark. Discovered in the "Bird's Head Seascape" just as recently as September 2006, a list of 50 unknown marine species, includes this amazing slender-bodied shark that can walk with the pectoral fins along the sea floor and multicolored schools of coral reefs.

Apart from these two kinds of Walking Sharks the resrarchers discovered 8 new kinds of Shrimps, 20 species of hard corals, 22 species of other fishes that are were not listed in any science journals before these expeditions. "Bird's Head Seascape", which is a distinctive peninsula located on the northwestern end of Papua province in Indonesia has become a spot of attention for researchers because of its marine biodiversity.

These Sharks are not much bigger in size... about 1 to 1.2 meters in length when matured and live on shrimp, small fish, crabs and snails. They walk along the bottom of the sea if not disturbed, but swim away fast if spooked. Not much know about this entirely new species of shark... scientists are burning their midnight oil to know more about their breeding and dietary habbits. However, constant threats are being warranted to sustainability of such rare marine species from over-fishing with dynamite and cyanide and not to be forgotten wanton deforestation and mining.

These Walking sharks are called "Epaulette sharks" because of the presence of a couple of large round spots near their heads, which resemble very much the shoulder ornaments that are worn by military officers on their uniforms.

Watch out these clips that I got from Youtube. Special thanks to Youtube.