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Welcome To Discovery Discovered

All on a sudden!!! Yes, my peeps may think why, just out of the blue, I came up with such a blog - 'Discovery Discovered'. People who know me, know that I'm an avid lover of dogs and run just a couple of dog blogs. Yes I do. Beyond that I do certain other stuff too.

Well it all started during 1990s. I still remember that little guy who suddenly asked me one evening: Why can't we tickle ourselves? Mannan Hussain was his name. He was laughing and tried tickling himself but in vein! His mom Sayera Khatoon was literally an illiterate woman, who scolded her boy and wanted him to stop clowning around amidst the mob. Little Mannan stopped it but his question left an everlasting impact in my mind. How many of you have ever spared a thought on such seemingly silly questions? Let me be very candid! Let me not hide and seek! Until Mannan asked me about that, I didn't even realize that there were many such things that most of us don't think of.

My quest for little things started! My unquenchable thirst for knowing things lead me to collect old news papers, Science Reporters, Readers Digests and stuff like these. Picking things from the road and waste boxes was a typical little me. I started picking informations from wherever I could get, beyond libraries and institutions. I gathered loads of information from varied sources. Students, parents and teachers may find this blog 'Discovery Discovered' to be a vital source of scientific information. I am sure some of my posts may seem a bit too strange but would really be interesting. Keep dropping by this blog and get answers to some strange questions. Forget not to hit me back with your thoughts... comments are endeared.

Also find some really valuable scientific posts that may come to a great help to you, if you are a student or a teacher or stay-at-home mom who spend hours looking for good stuff for your child to teach.

I am sure, Mannan will chance to peep in to this site some day and will surely place his thoughts as comments. Thanx Mannan for being a root to this blog. God Bless you!!!!