Here’s something that I have been thinking for long! I am not too sure if I believe in ghost. But I believe in energy and if I believe that energy cannot be created, nor destroyed; it can only be transformed, then I think I should believe in something that exist after my death, as my energy would be transformed into…

There are many organizations and groups carrying amateur research on ghosts. They believe in the presence of Ghost, in act. But for people like you and me – I mean people those who are a bit more inclined towards the modern science – the evidence for the presence of ghosts is a bit confusing. Despite years of experimentation by ghosts hunters, we do not have any solid proof of the presence of ghostly energy yet still. Most scientifically inclined believers of ghosts believe that the proof of the existence of ghosts has been well supported by Einstein’s theory in Modern physics! Many ghost hunters believe that Albert Einstein – one of the great scientists of all time had laid the logical base for the presence of ghostly energy.

Very recently a Google search exhibited around 8 million results on its Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) suggesting the link between the presence of ghost and Einstein’s research work that covers the “Conservation of Energy” that concludes “energy can neither be created, nor be destroyed; it can only be transformed.” Many leading ghost researchers have repeatedly mentioned Einstein’s theory on “Conservation of Energy”. For instance, in his book - "Ghosthunters" (2007, New Page Books), John Kachuba mentioned, "Einstein proved that all the energy of the universe is constant and that it can neither be created nor destroyed. ... So what happens to that energy when we die? If it cannot be destroyed, it must then, according to Dr. Einstein, be transformed into another form of energy. What is that new energy? ... Could we call that new creation a ghost?"

Another renowned group called Tri County Paranormal states, "Albert Einstein said that energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change from one form to another. When we are alive, we have electrical energy in our bodies. ... What happens to the electricity that was in our body, causing our heart to beat and making our breathing possible? There is no easy answer to that."

The truth unleashed here!

Yes… Energy is neither created… nor destroyed; it can only be transformed. When I shall die my energy (which is too negligible as compared to the overall energy of the environment) goes out to the environment. Should I be buried or burnt my energy would be transformed into heat or light. If I die amidst the wood, and if there wouldn’t be anyone of bury me or burn me, I will be eaten by the wild, may be the maggots, or worms and bacteria for sure. My energy will be transferred to them, very much like when we eat veggies. The energy stored into the cabbage or carrots are transferred in you, when you eat it. When we eat meat, the food is metabolized as it gets digested. The Chemical reaction that happens within us releases energy which we use for our living.

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The credit of this image goes to Google Map. A network of a strange tangles of while mysterious lines have been discovered in China's Desert. New satellite photos have appeared in the Google map, showing unidentified linear structures in the middle of the China’s desert. What are these lines? The news has created a sensational buzz across the web. Big brains are wondering who would have made them and why have these tangles of white lines been made! Are they some gigantic structures that China has been building in the middle of the desert? The location is in Dunhuang, Jiuquan, Gansu, north of the Shule River that crosses the Tibetan Plateau to the west into the Kumtag Desert. The total coverage area of white lines stretches approximately one mile long and over 3,000 feet in width.

Seemingly made of huge metallic stripes, this could be the dust that has been dug by machinery. The tracks are neatly executed, and they seem to be designed to be seen from the orbit. While examining this mysterious lines ni the desert of China a few things have been cleared off. Firstly, the image doesn’t represent any “structure”. The photographed lines are flat as if they are roadways entangled with each other. The lines may appear as if they are formed by sand blown over them in places, which suggests that they have indeed smooth surface, most likely that they are low to the ground.

Similar lines had been discovered called “Nazca Lines”, in the Atacama desert of Peru. The fact that the lines are visible only from a great height, doesn’t mean that they were created to be seen from the orbit.

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